6″ Screw-On Oil Filter Assembly



6” Screw-On See Through Filter Assembly with #12 Ports and 115 Micron Element, for running all weight oils up to 70 weight. Dual Filtration is recommended for motor sports ran on dirt and pushing high volumes of oil. Filters Can Be used for many applications including Racing, Marine, Automotive, Farm, and for Industrial Hydraulic Systems. This Filter Assembly uses a HP-6 size and style disposable filter.


Part Number: 125-115 & 125-115-B
Smallest Particles Filtered: depends on the disposable filter microns, varies on brand
Recommended Disposable Filter: (not included)
K&N #HP-5001 or
WIX #51222R or
John Deere #RE21058
BlackOut Series can use Napa Gold filters
Disposable Filter Thread Size: 1-1/2” 12 TPI
Bypass Relief Valve: Yes
Inlet & Outlet Fitting: #12 O-Ring Boss 1 1/16” 12 TPI
Operating Temp: max 220 degrees Fahrenheit
Operating Pressure: max 150 PSI
Height: 3.250 in.
Width: 6.750 in.
Length: 7.750 in.
Filter Weight: 6.1 pounds
Sold as Kit including; Filter Assembly,
115 Micron Element, and Bracket Kit
(**WARNING Filter Nuts and Bracket bolts are shipped
un-tightened they need to be tighten before filter is used.**)
Recommended: Extra Filter Element Part # 115-115
Suggested Replacement Parts:
~Window Part # 105-480
~O-Ring Kit Part # 120
~Filter Stud Kit (set of 2) Part # 135
~Air Fitting Part # 148
~Oil Pressure Port Fitting Part # 169
~Block Adapters also available

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 4 in


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