Aero Exhaust AT5050XL Aero-Turbine Resonated Performance Muffler



Increased Torque
Better Fuel Economy
Improved Horsepower
Reduced Temperatures
Resonated Design – For Milder Tone
Resonated Muffler
5″ Inlet/Outlet
30″ Overall Length
Center Inlet/Outlet

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The Aero Exhaust AT5050XL Aero-Turbine Resonated Performance Muffler gives your truck an aggressive, yet more mild tone due to the resonated design. The AT5050XL is the only performance muffler that will give you the performance of a full system at a fraction of the cost. Built for high-output diesel engines, the Aero-Turbine Performance Mufflers feature a patented airfoil technology that increases horsepower, torque, flow and also reduces temperatures.

The Aero-Turbine breakthrough, based on thermodynamics and jet engine technology, literally accelerates the flow of exhaust away from the engine increasing performance and engine efficiency. Most vehicles have extreme restrictions on exhaust airflow, which increases exhaust temperatures and decreases engine longevity. Featuring a T304 stainless steel construction, this resonator has a high-temperature ceramic packing material to help absorb sound waves.


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 40 × 12 in


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