Mishimoto Aluminum Degas Tank



Fully-Welded Aluminum Construction
Sight Tube For Quick & Easy Fluid Level Monitoring
Internal Baffles Keep Coolant Near Overflow Port During All Conditions
Application Notes:
Cutting of the factory battery tray is required.
Natural finish is not coated or polished, it is raw aluminum.
Natural finish my show some imperfections, but will not affect powder coating or customization.
Mishimoto suggests that coolant levels are checked after a few heat cycles to confirm proper coolant level.


Replace the brittle and cloudy Degas Tank on your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke with the Mishimoto MMRT-F2D-08E Aluminum Degas Tank. Over years of service, the factory endures thousands of heat cycles causing the plastic to break down. This makes it difficult to see the coolant level, and also causes leaks. Mishimoto’s Aluminum Degas Tank is an upgrade that not only looks better, it’ll last the life of your truck!

Made from fully-welded aluminum, the Mishimoto Degas Tank won’t leak or crack causing coolant leaks under the hood of your truck. Fluid level checks are simple thanks to the integrated sight tube. As an added bonus, Mishimoto added in an 1/8″ NPT port so you can monitor pressure if you choose. Available in a natural finish, or micro-wrinkle black powder coat. Each tank is backed by Mishimoto’s lifetime warranty. Cap not included. Uses existing factory degas cap.


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 10 in


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