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The BorgWarner 177284 S300SX3 S366 Turbocharger features twin hydrodynamic journal bearings along with an extended tip technology compressor wheel. SPECIFICATIONS: Comp. Wheel O.D: 3.60 Comp. Wheel Inducer Dia: 2.60 Comp. Wheel Inducer Dia.(mm): 66.11 Turbine Wheel O.D: 3.14 Turbine wheel O.D. (mm): 79.76 Turbine Wheel Exducer: 2.89 Turbine Wheel Exducer (mm): 73.37 Turbine A/R: .91 T4 Twin Flow Turbine Inlet Note: This universal turbocharger is not vehicle specific. It can be used in many applications and may require extensive modifications, fabrication and additional components for proper installation and use.

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