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The Cognito 110-P0780 7” Standard Lift Package With Fox Shocks will give your 2011-2019 GM 2500HD/3500HD 2WD/4WD With Stabilitrak a unique look. This 7-9” lift kit features a non-torsion bar drop front suspension that lowers the front differential a full 7" so that your vehicle will maintain the stock tie rod and CV axle angles at the 7” ride height. This design retains the stock torsion bars location so that they do not hang down under the chassis. When the lift kit is raised to the full 9” height, the tire rod angle will increase incrementally. The Cognito 110-P0780 7” Standard Lift Package With Fox Shocks uses a front skid plate to protect the front differential that ties the front & rear cross members together for added rigidly and the front track width is increased by 1.2" per side to retain proper caster settings and functionality of the StabiliTrak system. This lift kit includes the Cognito Idler Arm and Pitman Support Kit that repairs a defect in GM truck steering systems. This American made lift kit includes Fox shocks give you a great ride on and off-road, with all mounting hardware, steel bracketry, and sway bar end links powered coated for longevity. FEATURES: Front Skid Plate Made In The USA Sway Bar End Links Sub Frame Connectors Rear Block & U-Bolt Kit Front Fabricated Spindles Maintains Stock Tie Rod Angles Powder Coated Semi-Gloss Black Front & Rear Fox 2.0 Monotube Shocks Stainless Steel Front & Dual Rear Brake Line Kit Note: Maximum wheel backspacing is 5” Stainless steel braided brake lines (StabiliTrak) are required and included. Trimming of inner fender well and bottom rear of steel fender may be required. Do not use a tire that is more than 4 1/2” wider than the rim width on a 4 3/4” or more backspaced wheel. Set at 7 to 8”, suggested tire size is 35” tall and up to 12.5” wide on a 9” wide rim with 4.25 to 5.0” back spacing.

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