Smeding Diesel S362 Cast Single Turbo Kit



Kit includes:

Down pipe include

Air intake and CCV included
Smeding Diesel S300 turbo of your choice
Billet Pedestal
Stainless steel riser
-6an oil feed line and adapter
Aluminum Intermediate intercooler pipe
Installation hardware


Here are some rough horsepower numbers,and general driving characteristics:

S362 Cast : Stock-500 horsepower (Good towing/ Daily driver)
S363 SXE Billet: Stock – 550 horsepower (Good towing/ Daily driver)
S364.5 SXE Billet 425-575 horsepower (Good towing/ Daily driver/ mild racing )
S366 cast and SXE Billet 450-625 horsepower (Daily driver/ mild racing)
S369 SXE Billet 500-700 horsepower (Hot street/ racing)
S372 SXE Billet 500-750 horsepower (Hot street/ racing)

When converting to this kit you are required to retune the truck with a Non VGT/ Single turbo tune. If you do not retune the truck it will not perform properly.

Our S300 single turbo kit removes the problematic factory turbo set up and installs one of our American made Smeding S300 Turbos

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 38 × 38 in


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