Main Stud Kit XD3012MS




  • Includes Washers and 12-Point Nuts
  • Yield Strength 210K psi – 230K psi
  • Tensile Strength 220K psi – 236K psi
  • Fastener Assembly Lubricant Included
  • Will Not Stretch Like The Factory Studs
  • Thread Has Been Rolled After Heat Treatment
  • High-Strength 8740 Chrome Moly Construction
  • 10mm Studs Test Out At A Max Load: Over 120KN
  • Manufactured In An ISO/TS 16949 Quality Control Factory
  • Studs Are Reusable, Unlike Torque-To-Yield (TTY) Bolts Which Much Be Replaced After Each Use

1998.5-2007 Dodge 5.9L Diesel (Without Girdle)

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These are 12MM studs. These fit late 97 blocks with 2 turbo drain ports on the passenger side, all the way up to 2007 blocks if you DO NOT utilize the factory girdle as 2003-2007 blocks generally feature a factory girdle.

Get the XDP Main Stud Kit XD3012MS and enhance the bottom end of your 1998.5-2007 Dodge 5.9L Diesel. This main stud kit is manufactured from high-quality 8740 Chrome Moly and incorporates a proprietary element for added strength and durability.

A tensile strength between 220K psi and 236K psi and a yield strength between 210K psi and 230K psi ensures these studs can handle the increased performance of your application. In addition, the threads are rolled after heat-treating to deliver optimum fatigue strength.

Upgrading from the OEM main bolts to studs also allows you to obtain much more precise torque readings. A bolt twists as it is tightened, so it’s reacting to two different forces at the same time. With a stud, the torquing force gets applied to the vertical axis, resulting in a more even clamping force.

Furthermore, the studs offer easier engine assembly and proper alignment of the main bearing caps. Unlike OEM Torque-To-Yield (TTY) bolts which must be replaced after each use, these studs are reusable. These studs are manufactured in an ISO/TS 16949 quality control facility and include washers and 12-point nuts.

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Weight 12.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in


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